When arriving at the festival

Trade your tickets for a festival pass at the entrance. If you haven't bought a ticket online you will get a temporary ticket in the entrance that you cash in for a festival pass down in the merchandise tent in the festival area.


Evacuation Map

This map shows the evacuation routes in case of emergency. Click the image to get a larger version or download it as a PDF.


Festival Area Map

Map over the festival area to get your bearings straight. Click the image to get a larger version or download it as a PDF.


Play rules

No ticket, no entrance. You keep your festival pass visible throughout the whole festival.

Respect each other, hug a lot, we are a big family at Krökbacken festival. This means don't hurt yourself or others.

Avoid glass bottles, we enjoy walking around barefoot. Throw away garbage where it is supposed to be (i.e. not in nature). Cigarette butts are also garbage.

We will keep fireplaces burning around the festival area during the dark hours, all other fireplaces are prohibited.

Don't forget to drink water and eat food.

In case of too much unsoberness or unpleasant, disturbing behavior you might risk being rejected from the festival.

Food and drinks

Food, beverages and breakfast bags can be bought at a fair price at Håkans Bodega in the festival area.


Temporary toilets are placed around the festival area.

Camping rules

Keep a three meter distance between your tents, be prepared to move your tent or camp if asked.

Let the animals and the nature be and clean up after yourself.

Use the temporary toilets, don't do your needs in the woods.

Payment options

Card, cash and Swish are all valid payment options at all places at the festival area.

Welcome to Krökbacken Festival 2018!


Krökbacken 2019 is happening!

Dates: 8th-10th of August
Place: Hedens Sandtag

Tickets will be released soon. Share with your friends and save the date!

The 9th ritual is not far away!

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